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Website FAQ's

FAQ: How to Use the New Website?

Instructions for how to login, activate membership, pay dues and more.

How to Contact DTNA

To contact DTNA on the website, use the Contact From. By email, use info@dtna.org. By USPS, mail to DTNA, 2261 Market Street, PMB 301, San Francisco, CA 94114. To contact the News editor, email editor@dtna.org. For News advertising, email advertising@dtna.org. For membership inquires, contact membership@dtna.org or use USPS Attn: membership.

Members-only Membership Directory visible to all members when logged in.

The Directory is located in the drop down menu at right side of menu bar under banner at the top of each page.

The default privacy setting for all member profiles was changed 01/05/2023 to allow first and last names to be seen by members and listed in the members-only Directory when members are logged in. In making this default change, other profile privacy data was made No Access.

Members may elect to have their phone number, email address and/or street address made visible to other members in the Directory. If you want to do so, you need to edit your privacy settings for these entries, changing them from No Access to Members (log in>click the button by your name in the top right corner of each page>view profile>click Edit profile>Privacy>make changes and then click Save). Members need to make this edit change from No Access even if these entries had previously been made visible to members. 

If a member does not want their first and/or last name visible in the members-only Directory, the member must edit the privacy settings in their profile and change the name entries from Members to No Access (log in>click the button by your name in the top right corner of each page>view profile>click Edit profile>Privacy>make changes and then click Save).

FAQ: How do I change my Dues Payment Schedule?

There are separate Annual Single Year Payment and Auto-Recurring Payment Membership levels. If you have Annual Single Year Payment or Auto-Recurring Payment Membership levels and want change to the other schedule, you can do so when in "Active" status. But you cannot make the change when in "Pending" status after an invoice has been sent 14 days before you dues renewal date. You will need to first pay the invoice to return to active status. Then you can change your membership level to the payment schedule that you want. If there is any problem or question, contact the membership manager.

How do I stop Auto-Recurring Payments when I have received an invoice?

Members can stop recurring payments from their Wild Apricot member profile page when they have a pending invoice. To do so, click Invoices and payments in member profile before making a payment, and then click the Stop recurring payments button beside the membership renewal transaction. This will stop Auto-Recurring Payments for this invoice. You will need to switch to the Annual Single Year Payment Membership level after the invoice has been paid so that Auto-Recurring Payments does not reappear with next year's invoice.

The member will be asked to confirm their request.

If you do not have an open invoice or cannot find the Stop Recurring Payments button, contact DTNA to have the change made.

FAQ: How do I change my membership level?: 

When logged in, click the button by you name in the upper right corner of any page, then =>view profile=>profile membership details and click on the “change” link. 

FAQ: I want to renew my membership at a new membership level, but the system will not let me.

One can only change the membership level when in the “Active” status and dues have been paid. 

One cannot change the level when a dues invoice notice has been sent and the status changed to “Pending”. You have to pay the designated dues which will revert the account to “Active” status, and then you can change your level.

If the change is to a new level with a higher fee, the program will want you to pay the entire new fee. Do not pay that fee then. Instead please contact  membership manager and ask for a credit in the amount of the old membership level dues that you just paid be applied to the new level  fee. If the new level fee is less than the old level fee and you want a refund, please contact the membership manager.

FAQ: What is a Membership Bundle?

A membership bundle is a collection of members who are linked together and managed by one of their members – the bundle administrator. Bundle members share the same renewal date, status, and membership level. The entire bundle is charged a single membership fee, which is paid by the bundle administrator. DTNA membership levels Household, Patron, Angel, Superstar are all bundles that include two voting memberships for two members of the same household.

FAQ: How is someone added to a bundle?

Bundle members cannot add themselves to a bundle. Two ways in which members can be added to a bundle:

  • by the bundle administrator
  • by a site administrator/membership manager

    After the invoice for the bundle membership fee is paid and the application is approved, the bundle administrator can view and manage bundle members from within the bundle administrator's profile. Bundle administrators can add to their bundle any non-member contact whose email address is not already in the DTNA Wild Apricot database. If the person's email address is in the DTNA database, you need to email the membership manager with the person's name and email address and ask the membership manager to add that person.

    To add a new member to the bundle, the bundle administrator clicks the Add member button.

    The bundle administrator completes the membership application form on behalf of the member, then clicks Save. The new bundle member's record now appears. To return to your own profile, the bundle administrator clicks the Return to bundle list and your own profile link. The new bundle member can then login with their email address, clicking "Forgot My Password" to get instructions for creating their own password. The bundle member can then login and can edit their profile.

    FAQ: What does the orange dot adjacent some menu tab labels in page header signify?

    Orange dots identify which tabs have a drop down menu.


    2261 Market Street, PMB #301, San Francisco,CA 94114

    email: info@dtna.org

    Phone: 628-246-2256



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